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Learn a new language fast!

There are many so-called best solutions how to learn a new language fast, and of course for free. From the advices from random forum members to watch a lot of movies and listen to music, learn through the “natural method”, find a friend that speak the language and speak with him or her, read books, or visit the country and so on. What to choose? What is the best way to learn a new language?

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Surely, there are no simple answer to the question. While all the suggestions above could help you learn a new language, for free or not, the chosen method all depends on how much you know before hand. If you don’t know a squat, then listen to music or watch movies doesn’t help you that much. If your friend is not really keen on speaking with you, and you are both native in the same language, then you in most cases will too easily switch to speaking in your native tongue when you experience difficulties. Here’s the simple answer no one will come around:

There are no easy way to learn a new language!

It might sound harsh, but that’s the truth (sorry all forum members claiming something else). You need to practice! No matter how much, or how little for that matter, you know, you need to work for it. Period. But first things first, where do you stand?

Decide your language proficiency, today and tomorrow

First things first, how much do you know today? Without knowing this, there’s no need to even think about learning a new language, and don’t even think about doing it fast! Second, what’s your goal? Do you want to be fluent? Just hold a conversation? or be able to get that lovely dress at the town market in Thailand without being charged the price of an elephant?

How to get there

One you know your starting level and finish level, find out how you can get there. If your goal is to write business papers in German, then obviously watching Fight Club with German dubbing is not gonna take you far. Choose among the different suggestions out there on the forums on how to learn German fast, for free, or any other language.

Don’t overwhelm yourself. Take it in steps. 20 minutes a day. Instead of watching that episode of Simpsons, watch, read, or listen to something that helps you on your way. But be consistent. Rather 20 minutes per day than one long session on an hangover Sunday.

Find your motivation

Why do you want to learn a new language? By far the best motivation is to “find” a girl or boy from the country the language is spoken in and fall in love with her or him. But to do so, you need to go to the country. And while you’re there, why not practice your proficiency? Spending time in a country where the language is spoken is by far the best way to learn a new language, and that fast. Force yourself to always speak the language you want to learn. If you don’t know a word, don’t switch to English but explain it with other words you know. Be stubborn.

Practice makes perfect

Go abroad!

There are many self learning guides out there on the Internet, some better than others. But once you’ve got a little knowledge, there’s no better way than going abroad to learn the language. Go on vacation, take an exchange semester if you’re studying or just take a cheap flight ticket over the weekend. Spend time in the country! And do it yourself or with a friend that ALSO want to learn the language. But most important of all, find some activity that get you to meet people speaking the language you want to learn! Be it a cooking course in Italy to learn Italian, a beer brewing course in Germany to learn German, or a language course. That doesn’t really matter. As long as you’re forced to speak the language and socialize with people all day.

Beside having fun and perhaps learn a new language, you find new friendship that might last for a long long time, or find that love of your life you so much wanted to meet…

Which way do you find the best to learn a new language. Comment below!

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