Language Schools

We only cooperate with the best language schools in each country. We do not own our language schools ourselves, they are privately owned language schools. To ensure the highest quality standards, we only cooperate with schools that meet high quality standards. Read more about the quality standard each school meet below.

Munich SchoolOur language school in Munich

The Munich school is located just five minutes away from Marienplatz, the very heart of Munich. Close to shopping, clubs and just a few stops with the metro to Englischer Garten, the biggest beer garden in Germany. The school offers courses from the very beginner to the advanced student in small classes with an average age of 26 for their students.

Read more about our Munich school.

Berlin SchoolOur language school in Berlin with a wonderful terrace.

Our school is situated in a quiet but central area of Berlin, 500 m away from the famous Friedrichstraße and also close to the Brandenburger Tor with excellent public transport links. The school has 8 classrooms, a small canteen with Internet access and a fantastic outdoor terrace.

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Montreal School

The school in Montreal focuses on teaching French and English to adults, which results in a more mature student base. If you’re going to Canada to study or work, this is the perfect school for you. The school has always maintained that the “live and learn” experience is a great way to learn languages, so our programs are built around this philosophy and offer international and local students quality language programs, as well as many exciting activities. Activities are a big part of the programs that get you out of the classroom and into the “real world” taking advantage of Montreal’s diverse bilingual setting.

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Social Activities

All our schools arrange social activities for our students. Examples of activities include going on a pub crawl, a city tour, visiting tourist sights, spending the afternoon in the sun in one of the many beer gardens (Munich) and much more. During weekends an excursion to destinations a little bit further away from the city is normally made. In Munich, you can go and visit the Alps, the concentration camps, local breweries, lakes around the cities and more. In Montreal take a trip to the coast and nearby American cities. When in Berlin, take a trip to Potsdam or just admire the rich cultural life. Special activity during winter time in Munich is to go on a one day skiing trip to the Alps!