About us

Learn the Language focuses on giving its students fun and good quality language teaching. To provide the best courses, we only co-operate with the best private teaching schools in each country. All our schools are accredited and members of the quality marks relevant for the country they operate in. All our German language schools are accredited by IALC, an International Association of Language Centers that annually vote for the best language school in the country.

The company was founded by a former language student who wished to provide other people with the same fun, learning and experience a language course offers. Learn the Language has operations both in Denmark and Sweden. The core values of the company is to meet the customer with a friendliness similar of what you show towards your friends, and focus on the most important part of learning a foreign language: enjoy it every second!

If you wish to know more about us, have questions how it is to learn a new language or any other questions related to foreign languages, we look forward to meet you. To keep the cost low, and thus your course price, we do currently not operate from a fixed office. We rather prefer to meet you in a more friendly environment, a café for example. The coffee is of course on us!

Learn the Language is operated from Gothenburg but also have agents in Denmark. The company is registered in Denmark.

CVR-/SE-number: 33 88 69 77