Go surfin USA as the Beach boys did.

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Gain invaluable experience while learning a new language. Perfect if you want to study in a particular country or are looking for experience before searching for a full-time job.

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Live at a host family

Experience the real culture of the country you live in by living at a host family. At the same as you have fun, the family will also improve your language and help you with all practical stuff.

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Learn a language

Become fluent in more than one language. Learn and have fun at the same time with us.

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Learn a new language fast!

Learn a language fast, and for free! There are many advices and opinions on how to learn a language fast, and free. But there are no single answer to the question.

Language school in France

French and English in Montreal

Go to the wonderful city of Montreal in Canada to learn French or English. Montreal is known world-wide for its wonderful sceneries and relaxed life style. Bonjour Montreal!